Academic Programs
& Enrollment Options

Our programs focus on developing the student’s artistry, leadership, cultural literacy, and continued personal growth so they may become well-rounded artists.

Which program is right for me?

Here is an overview of our program options.
All options include the opportunity to audition for YA tours.

Option A
Two-year Associate of Arts in Performance Degree.
Interested in earning your AA?
Not necessarily considering
transferring to a 4-year
program? Check out Option A!
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Option C
Music Outreach Training Certificate Program.
Interested in completing YA tour training?
Already have your degree or not
considering a degree program?
Check out Option C!
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Option B
Our two-year AA degree partnered
with North Central Michigan College.
Do you plan to transfer to a 4-year
program and/or utilize Federal
Financial Aid? Check out Option B!
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International Members
These members may be accepted
as volunteer trainees within our
Option C Music Outreach Training
Certificate Program.
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